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This sides are made with a special process, but has not been tanned, only been de-haired and cured, when is soaked in water it becomes pliable, allowing it to be molded or shaped.

During the drying process, rawhide shrinks, stiffens and generally retains whatever shape it was given.

There are available in natural and bleached.

Thickness 3/4 oz to 6/7 oz.

Some uses: Drums heads, shields, moccasin soles, straps, parts of horse saddles, tack, laces, lamp shades, home décor, etc.

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The measurements of the sides may vary depending on the availability of products, we will contact you as soon as we receive your order.
The minimum purchase is one side, and the average size per side ranges from 20 to 24 sqft.
The total cost per side (24 sqft) is calculated based on the selected grade and thickness.